How to Deliver Value at Your Board Meetings

effective board meetings

When they are conducted properly, Board Meetings are an opportunity to tap into the collective expertise of your Important People to tackle key issues of the company and make important decisions. They can shape the direction that your organization takes taking it through rough waters, and then into calmer waters. It is vital to ensure that every meeting is worth your time by making decisions about the right topics, getting all of your participants involved and making the most of their time.

Your chair should confirm that a quorum is present prior to the beginning of the meeting. This can be done through rolling call or by asking all participants to raise their hands. The chair should summarize the major aspects of the discussion and provide a brief summary of the meeting’s agenda. The chair should also ensure that any new items on the agenda have enough time to be discussed prior to when they are voted upon.

Before addressing any deliberation or decision-making, it’s crucial to go through all pertinent information and reports. Financial statements along with progress reports on initiatives or projects, as well as survey results from customers are all part of. This information should be collected and sent to each member in advance of the board meeting so they can take in the information prior to the discussion.

It is vital that your board members can engage in open, honest discussions. This can be accomplished through establishing a culture that promotes respect, encouraging the quieter members to speak up and encouraging them to question traditional ideas in a respectful manner. It is also crucial to ensure that your meetings are scheduled with regular breaks and refreshments, so that everyone is focused and energized.

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