The 51 Best Icebreaker Questions for Meetings Updated for 2023

In this game, your team will take a page from the popular TV show’s book and pitch ideas to each other. Before your call, ask the team to come up with something they can sell to the group. Employees will take turns proposing their ideas, and the group can vote on whether or not they would invest. At the end, the team can vote on their favorite presentation.

  • What’s more, quiz-creation tools like Kahoot can make designing your own trivia game a piece of cake.
  • Knowing and feeling comfortable with your guests can also help calm those nerves.
  • It’s effective for both speakers and attendees to break the ice since you may have common interests which can spark a conversation.
  • You can ask the tool to write a poem about your team or a team member.
  • You can organize this ice-breaker in advance by sending out an email to participants or providing details in the meeting agenda.

You can ask a professional to guide the meditation, or you could use applications such as Calm or Mindfulness. Check out these ideas to celebrate special dates with your remote team. When working remotely, despite virtual water coolers and other company events, sometimes we forget to make time to know our colleagues. We know the basic things about them, but not the interesting ones.

fun icebreakers for virtual meetings

One of the great things about remote teams is getting to know people from other cultures and backgrounds. Discussing things as politics or traditions is fun, but food connects everyone regardless of their beliefs. One thing you can do to engage people before a meeting and to get more people involved is to ask an icebreaker question.

Then again, who doesn’t love traveling and exploring new places? This gives you insight into a person’s interests and opens up the door for conversation. Except, this isn’t the best thing to ask since it’s pretty generic and doesn’t show any real sign of interest to the other person.

Share a joke

It can also help you better understand how your teammates operate and think — which is super helpful and helps enhance team productivity. Next, check out these collections of virtual icebreakers for large groups, icebreaker jokes and get to know you questions. This is a great virtual icebreaker that icebreakers for virtual meetings allows for more intimate conversations among your teammates. If you’re familiar with breakout rooms, you’ll appreciate this one. Here’s another one from the ‘Get to know your colleagues better’ virtual icebreakers. Set up a new tradition and ask your team one random question each week or month.

  • An icebreaker should not be too long, or it will take time away from the actual meeting.
  • For example, GeoGuessr might drop you in a random spot on a canal, and you might use building signs or other clues to help you guess where in the world you are.
  • A list of virtual icebreakers wouldn’t be complete without a group photo!
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