Your Guide to AWS Certification

By preparing for the AWS Certification, you can take the Cloud career to next level. The only certification focusing on system administrators is the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification. It is designed for professionals with at least one year of experience in deployment, management, and operations on AWS.

These are advanced-level certifications for the specialization areas and it is preferred by the Cloud professionals.. You can prepare for these certifications only if you are choosing a specific career path that is relevant to this certification exam. For example, if you are working in a Security related domain, then the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is suitable for your career. In the following sections, we would go through each certification and who should take those certifications for their career.

AWS Cloud Practitioner vs AWS Solutions Architect: Difficulty

It is suitable for your career only if you have more than 6 years of experience in AWS technologies. These aws certifications list are meant for freshers or managers who are not focused on the technical work and would like to understand the cloud concepts. In simple terms, if you want to understand what is cloud, what is AWS, who can use it then foundation level certification is the right certification how to become an aws cloud engineer for you. Like other AWS specialty certifications, the AWS Certified Security certificate is for advanced IT professionals. Candidates should have five years of IT experience and more than one year of experience using AWS. The exam covers how to respond to security breaches, how to design and implement security monitoring systems, how to troubleshoot a secure network infrastructure, and more.

Best Certifications for DevOps Engineers – Analytics Insight

Best Certifications for DevOps Engineers.

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This certification is focused on those who are working on Machine Learning Domain. Machine Learning is a very fast-growing industry and cloud knowledge is required to perform ML operations. This certification requires a well-structured plan and preparation to pass at the first attempt.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

When you take the exams it’s highly likely that you’re going to need to check out both the general AWS documentation and the AWS whitepapers. When you start digging into ways you can research the AWS exams, you’re going to get recommended to look at the white papers from AWS and the AWS documentation, and both are great options. When it comes to practice exams, remember that the certification will cost you to re-take. So if you spend $30 on practice exams, and avoid the retake cost, it could actually save you money, which is just something to consider. So to pass your AWS exam, there’s no getting around the fact that it will cost you the fixed amount for the certification fee.

which aws certification is useful for cloud engineer

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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Associate (Best Cloud Certificate for System admins)

Therefore, to demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge of AWS services and best practices, certification holders need to recertify every two years. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking certification is for professionals involved with performing complex networking tasks. Candidates interested in the AWS certification must have a background in architecting and implementing network solutions on AWS. Designed for those with a background in data analytics, AWS Certified Big Data certification is meant for those individuals with at least two years of experience using AWS technology and performing complex Big Data analysis. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification is intended for professionals having two or more years of experience as a DevOps Engineer and involved with operating, managing, and provisioning AWS environments.

Note that, you need to go through a list of certifications to achieve a desired career goal, doing only one certification would not be sufficient for your career goals. There’s no straight answer to this question, as it’ll depend on the job role, your experience and the company itself – like any job opportunity. However, in 2021, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect had the highest average salary at $161K. Bear in mind that other certifications and related roles had average annual salaries within a few thousand dollars.

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